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Mantra Music CDs



Kiirtans by Maetreyii

A beautiful first album by Maetreyii, these kiirtans are filled with cascading harmonies, mystical tunes and lovely instrumentals provided by Lokesh.

Price: 5,000 tugrugs

Heart of The Mystic
Kiirtans by Kamala
with Tina Tourin and Judith Hitt

Probably the most popular kiirtan CD ever made. This album features beautiful voices backed up by harps and cello. Truly angelic and deeply spiritual.

Price: 5,000 tugrugs

Kiirtans by Kamala with Peter Spraque

A follow-up to Kamala's popular Heart of the Mystic- this is her best kiirtan CD yet. Rich textured instrumentals compliment beautiful vocals by Kamala and Peter Sprague.

Price: 5,000 tugrugs




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